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Summer Skin Smoothie

It’s Summertime and that means one thing…it’s H O T outside. With that, I tend to focus on two things: how to keep my skin clear during this insane weather (ugh sunscreen and sweat), and how to feel my best about my body (swimsuits, you know?). The only thing I want to eat these days […]


Yosemite Shoot Christina Captures | One Year Today

One year ago today I was in Yosemite, California at my first ever photography workshop. With strangers. By myself. Christina Captures wasn’t even a thing yet because I was still trying to figure out if I even had this in me. In case you’ve missed it, there are two other blog posts on this journey […]


So, you’re going on a job interview?

Hi, friends! This post is dedicated to some job interview tips. When going on a job interview, you’re nervous enough. There’s a lot of pressure and you want to make sure you do your best. These are a few tips that I found to be helpful when interviewing for jobs. I have been at my […]

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Yosemite Engagements Pt. 2

These engagements from Yosemite National Park in California are to die forrrrr. If I do say so, myself. As promised, here’s more context into the California Dreamin’ photography workshop I attended at Yosemite National Park in California. Like I have mentioned in my previous post, this was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever […]

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