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What to Wear for Engagement Photos

With wedding season upon us, it seems appropriate to talk about what you should wear for engagement photos! It seems so crazy that we’re already discussing wedding season (though who am I kidding it’s always wedding season) when just yesterday it was Christmas. Anyway. One of the most common questions I get before an engagement […]


Wedding Day Necessities for Bridesmaids

Are you a bridesmaid looking for a checklist of necessities for a stress-free wedding day? You’ve come to the right place. Picture this. It’s the wedding day for  your friend and you’re so excited to be her bridesmaid. The months of planning, anticipation, stress, and excitement come down to THIS ONE DAY. You’ve got the […]


The perfect wedding day playlist

WEDDING DAY! This day holds a lot of weight and importance. The best way to start the day off on the right foot? The perfect playlist! Picture this: Mimosas are poured, hair and make up is being done, and you’re gathered ’round with your best gals getting ready to celebrate! The perfect music playing in […]


Oklahoma #SurpriseWedding Part Two

Welcome back! If you’re just now joining us, make sure you check out part one of this #surprisewedding in Oklahoma City. To catch you up, Sarah and Cole, ultimately the coolest bride and groom of all time, had a small traditional ceremony the morning of their wedding day and would then have the party/ surprise wedding […]

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