Family Photo Session- Hardin Family

This Oklahoma City family session might go down as one of my favorite shoots of all time. To be fair, I might be a touch biased considering I’m actually related to this bunch of crazies. Natalie is my cousin but might as well be more like a sister. She married Andrew a little over 10 years ago and have some of the cutest, best, most wonderful kids on the planet.

Aiden, the oldest boy has the sweetest soul I’ve ever met. Bailey, Queen of the house, is so full of life, chatty, wants to sit on your lap at all times and will eat the entire Sam’s-sized tub of cheese balls if you let her. Callen, the youngest, is my little cuddle bug and I will probably sob the day he doesn’t want me to hold him anymore.

We had so much fun running through the field, jumping, laughing and playing during their shoot. Naturally we had to bribe Callen with skittles and I only ate some of his candy. Ok, I ate a lot of his skittles but don’t tell him. I just love this bunch. How could you not with faces like these?


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