How to Photograph for Blogs Pt. 1

Blogging in Oklahoma has recently started to take off. Like really take off. People joke that Oklahoma is late to the trend on just about everything, and they aren’t necessarily wrong. While blogging has been a popular, growing form of business in most of the country, let alone world, Oklahoma is juuuust now sort of producing more bloggers within various categories.

This is great for a multitude of reasons; the biggest being that Oklahoma is finally catching up with the new air of creative minds, businesses and ways to communicate.

One of my favorite ways to channel creativity through photography is with blog content. My degree from Oklahoma State was in Strategic Communication, which covers a gamut of things, but branding and marketing were two of the largest pillars of my studies. I always thought it would be fun to creatively direct every aspect of a brand’s campaign and working on other creative content has allowed me to do that.

Working with bloggers and local business owners has been so fun and something I definitely want to do more of in the future. When Brene’ Mayes asked to grab coffee and talk about collaborating, I knew this would be something that would be so fun and could turn into great content. Brene’ has an amazing blog focused on events, decor, and hosting events so definitely give it a visit! We ended up shooting for her Super Bowl Sunday feature and had the best time.

Make sure you look for Part 2 of this blog for some of my tips and tricks when it comes to photographing food.


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