Nice To Meet You

Hey, there! Thanks for stoppin’ by!

I’m officially launching this thing and it feels great. I picked up a camera a little over a year ago and here we are. I never expected this to be more than a hobby/ knowing how to use the camera my parents got me for my birthday. Thanks to some pretty great and patient (like really patient) people, I was able to turn this into a side-business.

Trying something new can be intimidating, frustrating and scary. Thankfully trying something new can also be exciting, liberating and powerful. To all of those that let me practice on you, booked me for jobs, and trusted me with precious moments, thank you. There’s always more to learn and I look forward to growing within this crazy new chapter of life.

I hope you’ll follow along. I’m excited for the future and ready to go on some adventures. What do you say, shall we?



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