Nichols Hills Proposal Shoot, Oklahoma

This proposal shoot in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, was seriously SO cute. Andrew proposed to Bailey at Grand Park in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. Grand Park holds many sweet memories for them both and it was the perfect place to propose with their sweet pup in tow. Andrew and Bailey are college sweethearts and will be getting married next summer, before they are off to begin Andrew’s medical residency.

I will never forget when Andrew texted me asking for my help with the important day. I was so excited that these two would begin their journey to forever…finally (no offense, Andrew)!

The plan went off with out a hitch for the most part, aside from some surprise road construction and a little bit of a detour. Don’t worry, Andrew handled it like a pro and he didn’t even skip a beat. The park that Andrew wanted to propose in is the same park where they frequently walk their gorgeous doodle, Graham. Andrew knew Bailey would want Graham in the photos and planned to catch her off guard while they took Graham on a walk.

Earlier that day, Bailey was celebrating her friend’s graduation, and had no idea that today would be the day Andrew asked her to spend forever with him. Smart guy!

You can’t really tell in the photos, but it was HOT. Andrew was calm, cool and collected. Bailey, per usual, was bubbly, excited and so so happy that this day had arrived. To watch this sweet couple make such an important decision together, and to get to be a part of that day, was truly an honor. I say this all the time, but I am so thankful for those that trust me with the big moments.

We had a great afternoon shooting their pictures and I am so excited for this next step. Congrats Bailey and Andrew!

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