Oklahoma #SurpriseWedding Part Two

Welcome back! If you’re just now joining us, make sure you check out part one of this #surprisewedding in Oklahoma City.

To catch you up, Sarah and Cole, ultimately the coolest bride and groom of all time, had a small traditional ceremony the morning of their wedding day and would then have the party/ surprise wedding that evening.

After tying the knot at Christ the King Catholic Church in Oklahoma City, the second half of Sarah and Cole’s big day was the ‘wedding shower.’ This was staged as a big party/wedding shower/fun event to celebrate the couple. Sarah wasn’t keen on having a million smaller showers or events, so this was a perfect start to the ploy of operation #surprisewedding.

Meg Owen, owner of Meg Owen Events, had our itinerary finalized to a T and we were ready to take our places and politely lie to everyone at the party until the big reveal. (Side note: if you need an event planner/ wizard-extraordinaire CALL MEG. She’s awesome and had everyone lined out and ready to go. The day undoubtedly would not have been as successful without her.)

Sarah and her sister, Stephanie. Note the tasteful, discreet party dress before Sarah’s outfit change.

The guests started arriving and everyone was having a great time during cocktail hour enjoying the bar and passed hors d’oeuvres. The folks over at Red PrimeSteak (shoutout to Ashley) had everything under control and provided great service to all the guests. The time had come for Sarah’s brother, Michael, to make a toast. To any guest, the toast was just a sweet gesture from a brother to his younger sister BUT (!) this was actually the moment right before Sarah would walk down the aisle.

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: Sarah snuck off to change into her real wedding dress while the guests were mingling. She had to walk through the restaurant’s kitchen to get back to the party. The cooks were definitely super confused as to why a bride was waltzing through their kitchen during the dinner rush. When her brother Michael stood up to give the toast, Cole made his way to the front and Michael was calling for Sarah. Picture this with me. “Sarah, where’d you go?”, “Sarah, quit chatting and come up here.” But NOPE! No bride to be seen.

All hands on deck to get the bride through the kitchen of Red Prime during the dinner rush!


All the girls waiting in the hidden room before the big surprise!

When guests started looking around for her, the processional music started and Sarah’s sisters and flower girls walked out from the designated spot. Guests were still figuring out what was happening at this point, until Sarah emerged on her father’s arm, walking toward her groom. All of the guests started clapping, cheering, screaming, gasping, you name it. Everyone was totally SHOCKED.

The adorable flower girls, Sarah’s nieces!


Sarah and her darling Dad just before she walked down the aisle.

Even Father Rick, the Priest that married them earlier that morning, emerged from nowhere (spiritual gift?) and said “Well you’ve all heard of a flash mob. How about a flash wedding?” What a jokester.

The vows were beautiful and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The guests were so excited to hug Sarah and Cole and share in all the fun. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, because hello staying on theme here, Sarah and Cole opted to have a Brandy Ice Bar with all the works. The dance floor was on fire and everyone danced until it was time to send off the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.

Brandy Ice Ice, Baby.


All the goodies to go with the Brandy Ice bar.


This was arguably the best wedding I’ve ever been to and I wasn’t even a guest! The entire event stayed true to celebrating the love of Sarah and Cole, and not any of the other wedding details that can sometimes take over the day.

See why I love her?
Cole dancing with Susie, Sarah’s mom.

The day would not have been possible without all the amazing vendors. If you’re getting married, or having an event anytime soon, these are some great recommendations!

Event: Meg Owen Events
Venue: Red PrimeSteak, ask for Ashely Lay or Heather Paul
Band: Born in November, ask for Clifton (405) 837-2914
Florist: Tony Foss Flowers
Rentals: Mood Party Rentals
Hair and Makeup: Lexi Faught, @lexifaughthair on Instagram
Photos: me 🙂 @christinacaptures on Instagram

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