Wedding Day Necessities for Bridesmaids

Are you a bridesmaid looking for a checklist of necessities for a stress-free wedding day? You’ve come to the right place.

Picture this. It’s the wedding day for  your friend and you’re so excited to be her bridesmaid. The months of planning, anticipation, stress, and excitement come down to THIS ONE DAY. You’ve got the music, the Mimosas flowing, hair and makeup is done– it’s game time.

You’re all about to get in formation *cue Beyonce* to take some photos before she walks down the aisle in her $6,000 Monique Lhullier wedding gown. …And then it happens.

The bride spilled some mouthwash on her dress. Time sort of just stands still for a minute because no one really knows what to do. If only you had a Tide to-go pen! Thankfully, the mouthwash comes out and everything is good to go. BUT WHAT A MOMENT.

While the aforementioned scenario could have been a lot worse, it’s a good lesson in learning that you can never be too prepared and it helps to have some things packed and ready when ~tragedy~ strikes. Yes, this sounds dramatic, but if you’re a bridesmaid, it’s your duty to be there for your friend. This includes having some emergency kit supplies for the unexpected.

Wedding days are stressful enough. This essential wedding day checklist includes a helpful list of items that you’ll wish you had. Because, Monique Lhullier.

You can throw all these travel sized items in a travel pouch like this for easy organiztion!

  1. Band-Aids
  2. Travel size deodorant
  3. Tissues
  4. Q-tips
  5. Tide to Go pen
  6. Foot cushions here and here
  7. Bobby pins and clear hair ties
  8. Hair spray
  9. Tampons
  10. Oil blotting sheets
  11. An extra lip gloss or tinted chapstick in case the makeup artist left with the lip color she used– better than nothing. (it happened to me once and I had corpse lips for a bit.)
  12. Baby wipes (they can get a stain out of many things, too!)
  13. A pair of clean underwear just in case
  14. Phone charger (put your initials or name on it)
  15. Snacks (just in case! go for things low in sodium or sugar to avoid bloating and a sugar crash)

These are just a few items that I find to be really helpful when I am a bridesmaid. It’s easier to come prepared than have to scramble to find the nearest drug store. You’ll be glad you did!

Wedding photos by me. Follow @christinacaptures on Instagram for more!

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