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What to Wear for Engagement Photos

With wedding season upon us, it seems appropriate to talk about what you should wear for engagement photos!

It seems so crazy that we’re already discussing wedding season (though who am I kidding it’s always wedding season) when just yesterday it was Christmas. Anyway.

One of the most common questions I get before an engagement shoot revolves around wardrobe. Closely followed with “can we bring alcohol?” By the way, the answer to that is always yes. 🙂

Below are my top five tips to couples when choosing an engagement shoot outfit.

  • Choose something that resembles your normal style

You want to look and feel like yourself! It’s great to want to dress up a little more than usual, but don’t pick something so out of your comfort zone that you look back and wished you wouldn’t have taken so many risks. This also counts for makeup and hairstyles. You want to look elevated, but not like you have on costume makeup, yeah?

  • Think about the look your going for on your wedding day

Ideally, you’ll have the same photographer shooting your engagement photos and wedding photos for style consistency. You want your clothing to be the similar, too. For instance, if you’re planning on a black-tie wedding, you wouldn’t have casual/ rustic clothing on out at a farm. Many people put their photos on display at the ceremony and/or reception. You want your look to be cohesive with the look of your wedding, too.

  • Simple is always a good idea

Photographers love a simple, clean look! No photographer ever complained about the shirt having too little of pattern. Catch my drift? When in doubt, go for solid colors, little to zero logos or graphic imaging, and if you MUST wear a pattern, ensure the other person in your photos is not.

  • Dress it up (or down)

Ladies! Don’t be afraid to wear a dress! After all, the wedding day involves you in a dress, so go for it. If you’re feeling the girly, bridal look, 100% do it! You likely (at least I hope) won’t have many other opportunities to take advantage of this, so now is the time. But please know, if dresses aren’t your thing (two of my best friends come to mind) that is totally fine and you ultimately need to do what makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable.

  • Next level clean

Guys, for the love, please get a proper haircut and shave or clean up the facial hair. I know, pictures are every guy’s least favorite thing to partake in. BUT they mark a fun time and hold lots of memories you’ll look back on in years to come. Plus, your bride or groom is likely taking pride in what they look like and you should, too.

Simple, clean lines and minimal fuss.
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Clean cut hair, simple colors and coordinating bottoms.
An elevated look still resembling the couple’s personal style.
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